Consultancy on REACH

Professional expertise in all REACH fields

Notification programs for new substances (NONS)

REACH Italia

ChemSafe can assist companies during the notification of a new substances (NONS) in all European countries as for ECC 92/32. Strong toxicological background and good regulatory knowledge on how to approach safety programmes allows Chemsafe to offer the following specialized activities.

NONS related activities offered
  • On site courses
  • Toxicological/ecotoxicological general consultancy
  • Programme planning base on the level of notification:
    • VIIC: 10-100 kg/year
    • VIIB: 100-1000 kg/year
    • VIIA: >1 tonn/year
    • VIII: >100 e >1000 tonn/year
  • Study monitoring
  • Dossier preparation
  • Risk assessment and exposure scenarios
  • Classification and labelling, MSDS
  • Contact with relevant Competent Authorities
  • Second notifier dossier
  • PORD exemptions
  • Sole representative for NON EU companies

Service features
  • Single key contact
  • Flexiblea approach
  • Relationship with EU Competent Authorities
  • Competitive prices
  • Quick response
  • Invoicing plan adjustable upon request
  • Convenient payment conditions
  • 2 visits to the client included