Consultancy on REACH

Professional expertise in all REACH fields

REACH is with us from December 13th 2006

REACH Italia

December 13th 2006 EU Parliament voted for application of REACH Regulation.

REACH Regulation enters into force on June 1st 2007.

ChemSafe can assists chemical companies working as producers, importers and users in all phases of the process: from initial consultancy to a fully Registration Dossier compilation.

A very good toxicological experience and a deep knowledge of all legal regulations gave ChemSafe the possibility of offering to our customers the following services:

  • Identification of data gaps and preparation of existing data list
  • Product portfolio analysis and economic valuation
  • Chemical Safety Assessment (>1 tonn/year)
  • Chemical Safety Report (>10 tonn/year)
  • Classification and Labelling (CLP)
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Extended safety Data Sheets (eSDS)
  • General consultancy on toxicology and eco toxicology
  • Downstream Users consultancy
  • General consultancy on toxicology and eco toxicology
  • Contact with National and International Competent Authorities
  • Training courses
  • SIEF management
  • Consortium management
  • Study monitoring
  • Testing planning for new substances and for "Phase-in" substances
  • Late pre-registration of substances
  • Only Representative (OR) for Non-European companies
  • Exposure Scenarios set up and Risk Characterization
  • Post registration support
  • Eventual Authorisation phase support

Sole representation for non EU companies

ChemSafe can assist companies during the notification of a new substances (NONS) in all European countries as for ECC 92/32. Strong toxicological background and good regulatory knowledge on how to approach safety programmes allows ChemSafe to offer the following specialized activities.

NONS related activities offered

  • On site courses
  • Toxicological/ecotoxicological general consultancy
  • Programme planning base on the level of notification:
    • VIIC: 10-100 kg/year
    • VIIB: 100-1000 kg/year
    • VIIA: >1 tonn/year
    • VIII: >100 e >1000 tonn/year
  • Study monitoring
  • Dossier preparation
  • Risk assessment and exposure scenarios
  • Classification and labelling, MSDS
  • Contact with relevant Competent Authorities
  • Second notifier dossier
  • PORD exemptions
  • Sole representative for NON EU companies

Service features

  • Single key contact
  • Flexiblea approach
  • Relationship with EU Competent Authorities
  • Competitive prices
  • Quick response
  • Invoicing plan adjustable upon request
  • Convenient payment conditions